Northeast Men's Summer Chorus NMSC Yankee Male Chorus

southern Vermont/New Hampshire
August 13-15, 2020


All men -- no matter where you may reside -- are invited to join us in August 2020.

To be added to our mailing list or for information about joining us in August 2020, please contact Marty Edelman at 917-456-6558 or click here to send email.

Executive Director  
Marty Edelman
Dave Caneen
Dave Lambert
Andy Lavigne
Allen Lindsay

The Northeast Men’s Summer Chorus was founded in 2019 by former members of the Yankee Male Chorus, whose last season was in the summer of 2018. During its 65-year run, YMC presented over 250 free concerts throughout southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Many YMC members wanted to continue singing (in the tradition of YMC) and so the Northeast Men's Summer Chorus was established.


In August 2019 the Chorus presented three free concerts (August 15-17) in  West Brattleboro, VT; Charlestown, NH; and Chester, VT.


Participants came from six states -- New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire -- to gather for a singing vacation. 

Evenings were spent in camaraderie and song, days – with family and friends – exploring the lovely countryside. Concerts were preceded by group suppers and festive afterglows followed two of the performances.

The podium was shared by two conductors from New York City men's choruses: Elmer Joerg (associate conductor, Down Town Glee Club)  and Gene Wisoff (conductor, the Mendelssohn Glee Club). J. Eric Robinson (of Saxtons River, VT), a former conductor/accompanist for the  Yankee Male Chorus, accompanied the group.


August 2020 schedule

dates and venues TBA




audition not required



The Chorus performs 14-16 pieces from the Romantic period to modern – classical to doo-wop – and including spirituals, folk, patriotic, musical theater, and the American Songbook.



Singers receive music about a month before the first concert in the form of audio (MP3) files and pdfs. The MP3 files will be customized for each voice part. Singers who want to study the music in advance can view the pdfs (sheet music) on their monitors or print them to use in conjunction with the MP3s. In addition, a binder with sheet music will be given to each member at the rehearsal before the first performance.



registration fee


$30; includes MP3 and pdf files, sheet music and binder





Singers are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements. A list of nearby accommodations is available on request. (In August 2019  a discounted rate at the Fullerton Inn in Chester, VT was available for NMSC members.



pre-concert group suppers (optional)


There will be a group buffet dinner at each venue preceding the concert at $13 per person per dinner. Family and friends are welcome. Vegetarian options will be available. Meals need to be ordered and paid for in advance as indicated on the application form.





NMSC staff will try to assist members who would like to share accommodations or who may need transportation to Vermont.

Please contact Marty Edelman at 917-456-6558  or email him here




Who can join?

tenors, baritones, and basses who have some choral experience (TTBB or SATB); current membership in a choir is not required



Do I need to reside in the northeast to participate?


No, men are welcome from any state, but please plan your arrival to be in time for the rehearsal on the first day. Some members will arrive the previous day.



Can I bring along family and friends?

Of course; the concerts are free and open to the public (tickets not required). Some members will include the three-day NMSC tour as part of an extended vacation.



What music will we be singing?


Music for August 2020 TBA.

In August 2019 composers and lyricists included, among others, Edvard Grieg, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, Irving Berlin, and Vincent Youmans.


Will we be singing a cappella or will there be an accompanist?


Two conductors will be leading the group; the songs are a mix of accompanied pieces and a cappella.

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